Patient and member loyalty is a function of a healthcare organization’s ability to meet and exceed their needs. Using Sutherland Global Services and Sutherland Labs, we are especially equipped to research, design, and manage the demands of patients, members, and employees. Since the Affordable Care Act’s passing, it has become essential to focus on the voice of the patient and member. As the consumer-driven market takes off, old practices and procedures no longer suffice.

Healthcare players who adapt to patients’ needs over time are rewarded with increased patient advocacy and loyalty, decreased costs, increased revenues, and lower attrition rates. At Sutherland, we offer a wide variety of services to help organizations adapt to the ever-changing world of healthcare.

Improve Experiences

Sutherland Labs can help enhance the patient or member experience, while reducing costs and wasted resources of an organization. We collaborate with our clients to assess their functionality, needs, and desires from end-to-end. Through extensive research and analysis, we provide our clients with long-term solutions.

We analyze the experiences of employees, members, and patients in order to provide a more comprehensive and holistic journey for each individual. By identifying pain points, healthcare organizations can improve the productivity of employees and enhance the experience for patients and members. Through this process, customer loyalty, satisfaction, and brand equity is improved.