Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)
With our Revenue Cycle Management solutions, healthcare providers can improve revenue and efficiency, while decreasing operational costs.


At Sutherland, our end-to-end RCM system removes the need for multiple vendors by encompassing the three main aspects of patients’ experience, including:

  • Patient Access Management;
  • Health Information Processing; and
  • Post-Encounter.

These services include a vast array of tasks from registration and scheduling, to referral management, coding assistance, billing, and collections.


Coding (ICD-10, Dual Coding)
Sutherland helps to ensure a seamless transition to ICD-10, while improving your quality while reducing costs.


Our coding solution provides expertise and aid to coders of all skill levels. This productivity results in quicker reimbursement and a favorable return on investment.


Finance and Accounting (F&A)
Sutherland offers a unique, multi-faceted F&A solution to healthcare providers through our unique positioning in other industries.


Sutherland offers a finance and accounting business process transformation partnership to help providers achieve serious savings potential through working capital improvements, economies of scale, process standardization. Our F&A solutions include:

  • Order-to-cash revenue accounting;
  • Procure-to-pay;
  • Claims support;
  • Fixed assets solutions;
  • General accounting services;
  • Performance-based financing; and
  • Business analytics.